We get our buffalo meat from Snowden Hill Farm

A family-run farm at Oxspring near Barnsley and have recently started producing and selling Water Buffalo meat

The Buffaloes are very well looked after! Reared in grassy paddocks, they are fed on a completely natural diet of hay, straw, and grass from clover rich pastures. No meat meals are fed to the buffaloes – every attention is paid to the animal’s welfare. No growth promoting hormones are used.

So you can rest assured that the buffaloes are very happy and their meat is of the highest quality

Water buffalo meat is a lean red meat. Full flavoured and tender, it is often likened to the taste of good quality beef, and can be prepared in the same way.

Buffalo meat contains 70% less fat than beef and is also a valuable source of Omega 3, so can be considered a healthier alternative to traditional meat. What have you got to lose?!

The Buffalo Burgers have recently been tested by a public analyst. The results show that the burgers contain less than 3.0g/100g of fat, this has been described as ‘Low Fat’. The burgers have also been descibed as ‘High Protein’, with more than 20% of the energy being provided by protein.

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